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12volt Hot Logic Mini Oven


The 12volt version of the Hot Logic Mini utilizes a cigarette lighter power source for use in vehicles.

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$39.95 Available on Amazon

Have a Hot Meal Anytime, Anywhere with the HotLogic Mini!

The 3-in-1 Mini “Cooks, Re-Heats and Holds” Food HOT For Hours!

The Mini can cook chicken breasts, a nice salmon fillet, and most meats from scratch in about 2 hours, depending on weight and thickness. Fresh or frozen veggies take a little less time. The genius of the HotLogic Mini is it will ‘hold’ your food at the perfect serving temperature of around 165 degrees (F) for hours without overcooking your meal, burning it or drying it out. If you get hung up at work and can’t find time for lunch for 6 or 8 hours, don’t worry; your meal will be hot, juicy and delicious whenever you’re ready!

The HotLogic Mini great for leftovers too. Foods remain tender, juicy and retain their natural vitamins and nutrients better than when they are “nuked” in a microwave. Even pre-packed frozen dinners taste better!

Lightweight, Portable, Goes Everywhere You Go!
This lightweight, compact, portable “lunch box” goes everywhere you go. Take a Mini to the office… to the work site… keep one in your car, truck or delivery vehicle… take it with you on vacation to eat heat a hot meal in your hotel room.


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Hot Logic Mini 12v Oven

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